Whisper Mobile

Whisper helps you instantly connect with friends and loved ones in an Emergency Situation. Best of all there is no mandatory monthly fees and the Emergency Alert App is Absolutely FREE! .


Why choose Whisper Mobile ?

Whisper is a mobile community that looks out for one another through community policing and story sharing.

Social Network

We focus on building a network of protecting each other through community policing.

Secure Data

We Keep your track details in safe custody with you and your guardians.

Alarm Reporting

Be the first to broadcast panic and distress messages.


Quick & Easy Process with
best features

One-push activation of any type of emergency initiates fast response and real-time collaboration with guardians and the Whisper Response Team.

  • We keep our users engaged with posts and conversations

  • We provide access to a serene online community for all age grades

  • Air your view on the comments section and other gestures

Track me

Share your track details with your guardians and loved ones.

View Harm Spot

Have a list of all harm spots on your finger tips.

Harm Spot Polls Vote

Cast True or False votes based on the authenticity of the flagged spots.

what clients say

Whisper remains a very wonderful companion to both young and old, as it gives users a sense of safety and protection while building a network of guardians who look out for each other.

Looks awesome

Sleek design, flexibility and easy to use screens remains our major focus in the whisper app design. Click Here for Privacy Policy


Maryjacob Okwuosa

Founder and Executive Director
  • Email: maryjacobsokwuosa@whispertohumanity.com

Maryjacob is an intersectional feminist, Education and gender advocate. She is the founder of Whisper To Humanity which is a Youth-led Feminist Organization, working tirelessly to raise a generation of humans that are driven by knowledge and Equality.

Whisper To Humanity is initiator and founder of the Whisper School Clubs, Whisper App and Whisper Community

Whisper uses capacity building, self-care , knowledge sharing and community building as tools to effect change.

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